Prioritize what matters most… then say no to the rest.

Saying yes is easier (at least in the short term) than saying no. It gives us an immediate hit of people-pleasing gratification. If it were easy to say no when we need to, everyone would be doing it. If it were easy to say no, there wouldn't be so many busy people so dissatisfied with their lives. But whether in our work, relationships or how we manage our daily lives, sometimes we are called to make a change, to let go the familiar, and say no to something that is “good” to open up the possibility for something better.

World Cup Wisdom: Play To Win vs. To Not Lose

The World Cup holds many lessons on creating a game-winning strategy beyond the soccer field. One of the most important is the difference between playing to win, versus playing to not lose. When you are playing to win your energy is channeled into creating new opportunities, breaking new ground, and going after what you want to happen versus protecting what you don't want to lose. Playing to lose, on the other hand, is about shoring up what you already have. While it may feel like the safer path, it often leaves people and organisations being left behind in a world marching steadily forward.

Hate your job? Either change WHAT you do or change HOW you do it.

Hate your job? While it’s unrealistic to expect to always love what you do, it’s not unrealistic to genuinely enjoy your work (most days). Given you spend a third of your adult life at work, it would be a shame to spend it doing work you hate, or to simply hate going to work. So if you don't like your job the solution is simple: Either change WHAT you do or change HOW you do it.