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Margie’s Bestselling Books

  • Brave
  • Stop Playing Safe
  • Find Your Courage
BRAVE is a handbook for being more courageous. Written for busy people on the go, its short, focused chapters provide practical tools and empowering perspectives to help you build your ‘courage muscles’ in your work, relationships and life.

Courage is a habit. Practicing it daily, even in quiet small ways, unlocks new possibilities, creates new opportunities, grows your influence and enables you to meet your challenges with more resilience and self-assurance. So whether you’re stuck in a rut, struggling in a relationship, overwhelmed by your daily juggling act or uninspired about your future, BRAVE will provide you with a regular dose of positive and practical inspiration to:

  • Clarify what ‘success’ truly means to you, and be more purposeful in your daily efforts to achieve it.
  • Speak up with greater confidence, and be more assertive in dealing with difficult people, getting what you want and changing what you don’t.
  • Define the person and leader you aspire to be, become more resilient under pressure, decisive in uncertainty and adaptable to change.
  • Scrap the excuses (your age, education, gender, busyness or children) that sabotage your future actions.
  • Dare more boldly, passionately pursuing the goals that inspire you most, no matter how daunting.


What People Are Saying About Brave

  • Janine Allis

    Without bravery and courage you can go through life making excuses about why you can’t or shouldn’t do things. Read this book and you’ll be on your way to a bigger, braver and more fulfilling life. Enjoy.

    Janine Allis

    Founder of Boost Juice and Director of Retail Zoo

  • Carolyn Creswell

    Nothing worthwhile is achieved living timidly and avoiding all risk. Brave will help you build the confidence to dare more boldly and live more bravely.

    Carolyn Creswell

    Founder & Managing Director, Carman’s Kitchen

  • Michael O’Keeffe

    Courage is more needed than ever in today’s ‘play it safe’ world, where taking the soft option can be all too easy. This book will help you to build the courage needed to do the right thing rather than the easy thing – to go out on limb, have tough conversations, challenge the norm, and risk failing. It should be read widely.

    Michael O’Keeffe

    CEO, Aesop

  • Warwick Fairfax

    Margie Warrell’s words and example inspire us all to be braver. Written with wisdom and wit, her latest book Brave outlines the steps to pursue our most deeply held goals and turn dreams into reality.

    Warwick Fairfax

    Fairfax Consulting

  • Emma Isaacs

    Brave will help you grow the ‘courage muscles’ to achieve your biggest dreams and wildest ambitions. Read it often. Practice it daily.

    Emma Isaacs

    CEO, Business Chicks

  • Kate Carnell

    Fear and doubt are the two greatest enemies to success in business and life. Written for busy people on-the-go, this practical and encouraging book will guide you to achieve your greatest goals in work and life.

    Kate Carnell

    AO, CEO, Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • Sara James

    If fear or self-doubt prevent you from speaking up, stepping up, making changes or taking chances, read Brave — because acting with courage will change your life.

    Sara James

    NBC Correspondent and best-selling author of An American in Oz

  • Kathy Calvin

    Margie sets herself apart with a powerful message, providing practical advice on how to challenge ourselves and others to be more courageous, take more risks and find more success.

    Kathy Calvin

    President and CEO, United Nations Foundation

  • Louisa Jewell

    Brave is a truly an exceptional book. Chock full with wisdom, powerful strategies and inspiring stories, it's a book everyone should own. I think I'm pretty brave, but I took away many tools I will be using over and over!

    Louisa Jewell

    President, Positive Psychology Association of Canada

Stop Playing Safe features insights from courageous trail-blazing entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations including NASA, Ernst & Young, UN Foundation and QANTAS.

Discover how to:

  • Define your sense of purpose and pursue more inspiring goals.
  • Embrace a ‘Courage Mindset’ and speak up with confidence in every situation.
  • Navigate uncertainty with clarity and take smart risks, not just safe ones.
  • Conquer fear of failure and bounce back from setbacks.
  • Wield stronger influence and build a culture of courage in your team or business.
  • Create daily rituals to build your resilience and ability to bounce back faster and stronger when life doesn’t go to plan.

Don’t wait for success to come to you. Learn how you can unlock the power of courage to achieve greater clarity, confidence and satisfaction at work and in life.

What People Are Saying About Stop Playing Safe

  • Suzi Pomerantz

    Practical, powerful, and inspiring. In uncertain times, it’s a guide-book you can’t afford not to read as it spells out exactly how to handle your challenges and find the confidence to speak up, adapt and get ahead in the new economy. Everyone in your company should read it!.

    Suzi Pomerantz

    Best-selling Author, Master Coach, and CEO of Innovative Leadership International

  • Randy Gage

    One look at the title of my last book should tell you why I like this one! Stop Playing Safe will help you harness the courage to take the risks that make sense – and give you the success you want.

    Randy Gage

    Author of the New York Times Best-seller Risky Is the New Safe

  • Dr Gordon Livingston

    In this estimable book, Margie Warrell provides powerful and practical advice for overcoming our innate fear of risk and vulnerability. It bears reading and re-reading for all who strive to become their best selves.

    Dr Gordon Livingston

    Author of Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

Are you afraid to stand up to your boss?
Change your career?
End a bad relationship?
Transform your life?

Margie’s first book, originally self-published and later republished by McGraw-Hill in 2009 has now been translated into six languages and empowered thousands of people around the globe.

This powerful step-by-step guide by certified master coach Margie Warrell gives you all the tools you need to find that courage and put it to work in your professional and personal life. Broken into three core sections:

  1. Foundational Courage
  2. Courage in Action
  3. Courage as a Way of Being

…it’s 27  ‘courage-building’ exercises will enable you to identify your ‘Courage Blockers,’ rewrite limiting stories, step into action and up to the leadership plate in your workplace and life It includes eight essentials for courageous conversations and practical strategies to getting and staying on track toward your goals and dreams-no matter how ambitious!

What People Are Saying About Find Your Courage

  • Richard Carlson

    An up-front, to the point, and honest masterpiece. You can’t go wrong with this one!

    Richard Carlson

    Best-selling Author of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

  • Lois Frankel

    Find Your Courage puts you on the path toward assuming responsibility for your personal and professional well-being. A unique combination of inspirational and practical advice make this book a joy to read.

    Lois Frankel

    PH.D. Best-selling Author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

  • Graeme Schache

    …an excellent, no-nonsense, easy-to-read book that is a must read for all people of all ages and in all walks of life. I will be recommending this book to my clients as their personal handbook.

    Graeme Schache

    Psychologist and Author of Leading for Outstanding Results