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    you back?

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    Margie Warrell
  • “Margie sets herself apart with a
    powerful and inspiring message.”

    —KATHY CALVIN, President, United Nations Foundation

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  • Margie Warrell is a bestselling author
    of three books—Find Your Courage, Stop
    Playing Safe
    and Brave. Her insights get
    to the heart of what holds people back
    in work, leadership, love and life.

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  • “Margie Warrell is an international
    authority on courageous action -
    in business, leadership and life.”


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  • Stop Playing Safe
  • Brave
  • Find Your Courage
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“Your desire for safety will
always pull against your
desire for growth.

Back yourself. Be brave.”

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Guess what just landed in my hot little hands?! An advance copy of my new #book Make Your Mark: A Guidebook for the Brave Hearted.  I wrote this book because I see so many amazing people letting fear and self-doubt keep them stuck and stopping them from living their best and biggest life.  Hope you will  pre order your copy on @amazon @bookdepository @booktopiabooks @dymocksbooks Also thx to my fellow Necker #businesschicks @emmahogan1974 @jacintamcdonell @nicolewales for helping me settle on the title. You ladies are gold!
Most of us underestimate how brave we can be simply because we've never been forced to dig deep into our courage. What's the bravest thing you ever did? I am sure it taught you that you were braver than you thought! Courage begets courage. #trainthebrave #livebravely #courageworks #daregreatly
Okay so I missed the "black & white" memo but I didn't miss an uplifting morning with these three female trailblazers at the @aimemelbourne conference. Such a wealth of insight into building organisations, communities and countries where people can thrive. #leadership #resilience #trust #courageworks #speakerchicks
Woo Hoo! Guess who has endorsed my next book Make Your Mark: A Guidebook for the Brave Hearted? Yes, none other than the very brave Bear Grylls. I better score a few 'cool' points from my four adventure loving kids for this one! Can't wait to share it with you in April and inspire you to make your biggest mark in the world. 
#MakeYourMark #PursueYourPassion #LiveYourPurpose #LeaveALegacy #bookshelf #beargrylls #liveboldly #adventure
So much resilience, courage and potential in this photo! These high schoolers have had to deal with hardship and heartache - like arriving in Australia as refugees, poverty & violence - that many teens never need  think about. My hat goes off to Skyline Foundation for supporting their education. It was an honour to run a life skills workshop program with these bright and beautiful young adults today.  #bravekids #refugeeswelcome #education #risingstrong #courageworks #resilience #payitforward
The conversations you most need to have will often be the ones you least WANT to have. Speak up anyway. The price you pay for saying nothing will far exceed the discomfort you feel in saying what needs to be said. Speak truth with kindness.

#SpeakBravely #SpeakUp #FindYourVoice
You are exactly where you need to be to learn what you need to learn and grow how you need to grow. So don't curse your problems, look for the invitation they hold. #livebravely
When I started writing my first book Find Your Courage I had 4 kids seven and under and no idea how I would ever get it published. I just knew i had to write it, even if no one ever read it (except my mother). Well it's now in 7 languages and this is the new Japanese edition. I can't read a word of it but I'm so very glad it to have it in my #bookshelf anyway. So if you're an aspiring author, I want you to just write whatever tugs at your heart. Whether it sells 1 copy of 1 million, it needs to be written. #bookstagram #author #books #findyourcourage #courageworks #trainthebrave #livebravely #japan