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    to step up?

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    Margie Warrell
  • “Margie sets herself apart with a
    powerful and inspiring message.”

    —KATHY CALVIN, President, United Nations Foundation

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  • Margie Warrell is a bestselling author
    of three books—Find Your Courage, Stop
    Playing Safe
    and Brave. Her insights get
    to the heart of what holds people back
    in work, leadership, love and life.

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  • “The lessons I learned from Margie
    are invaluable and I will always take
    them with me.”


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Margie’s Books
  • Stop Playing Safe
  • Brave
  • Find Your Courage
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Our desire for safety
stands against every
worthwhile endeavor.

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You already know what you need to do. Now take a big #brave breath and do it. #Strength #Determination
Boys swimming. Dog playing. It was a gorgeous Sunday evening in Brighton! @3186_brighton #lifesabeach #melbourne #greatkids #greatcountry #greatlife
"Keep going. Shine on. Love. Believe. Beloved." It's important we motivate ourselves using the positive influences that surround us on a daily basis. #Happiness #Courage #Motivation
"You can't test #courage cautiously." –Annie Dillard.  Never be afraid to step outside your comfort zone! #Strength #Positivity
Comparing yourself to others is a race you'll never win. #BeYourself #Happiness #Positivity
Your time is too precious and your energy too valuable to expend it on people who neither appreciate your magnificence or help you realise it fully. Move on. There are people in the world who would love to have more time with you. Find them. Treasure them. Inspire them. #relationships
If your #goals for 2016 don't scare you a little, make them bigger. #Courage #Motivation
"Climb with #courage." If you get to the top of the mountain and haven't enjoyed the climb, then it wasn't a successful one. Take time to take in the scenery as you climb and reconnect with what inspired you to set out in the first place. #Determination #Strength