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  • Margie Warrell is a bestselling author
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  • “Margie Warrell is an international
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Margie’s Books
  • Stop Playing Safe
  • Brave
  • Find Your Courage
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Our desire for safety
stands against every
worthwhile endeavor.

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Hard work is good for the spirit. It forges character and reveals strengths that would otherwise lay dormant. Go beyond what you think you can do and test yourself!

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When headlines scream loudest, we must be extra vigilant not to let fear set up residence in our lives.. Countering the impact of fear requires being mindful of its reach into our lives and decision making. Wired for safety, fear drives us to overestimate the risks, to ‘catastrophise’ the consequences, to focus more on what we could lose than on what we could gain, on what might go wrong than on what could go right, and on protecting the status quo rather than improving it.

Creating a better world requires creating a braver world. And creating a braver world begins with being a braver person. It all begins with you. 
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Who do you need to be today to bring out the best in those around you? More patient? More encouraging? More passionate? More accepting? More generous? More kind? More candid? More courageous? Pray tell. #goldcoast #yourbestself #bethechange #positivity
How's this for a blazing sunset?  Just glorious. As is the weather here in Australia's Gold Coast.  A welcome change from Melbourne!  I'm here less than 24 hours (speaking to theme park managers) so making the most of it. #skyblazing @moregoldcoast #goldcoast #sunset @seaworldaus @australia
I always say to my kids "play to win but in the end, it's the playing, not the winning, that matter most." #grit #resilience #teamwork. So I love watching my kids play sports, particularly when they score. Go @lachiewazza #proudmumma of #basketballnut #basketball #slomo #lachlanwarrell #sabres
Research shows that when we change our behaviour, emotions will eventually follow. It’s important to realise that you should never wait to feel confident before you act with confidence. I’m not talking about being fake, but about embodying the posture, the expression and the energy of someone who feels really confident in themselves. 
When we shift how we hold ourselves physically, it can shift how we feel emotionally. So start with your posture and facial expression. Stand tall, walk confidently, look people in the eye, smile warmly and own all that makes you, you.
#aspire #become #trainthebrave #margiewarrell
The much loved spiritual teacher Ram Dass once said, “The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” I have no doubt that if you made the commitment to get really quiet for just five minutes a day (apart from when you are sleeping) and just opened your heart and mind to whatever wisdom it was supposed to hear, you would, over time, connect more deeply to joy and gratitude and compassion and peace than you had before. 
The irony is that by taking time out to be still and do ‘nothing’ you will actually find you will get far more done. 
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There is no need to dwell on mistakes.
Overcoming the setbacks and failures that present themselves on the way to your goals is what brings the greatest sense of achievement. Face your challenges with a deep determination to staying the course. 
Connect with that which makes your spirit soar and remember that it matters not that you reach the summit, but that you had the guts to try. 
It is through perseverance in the face of adversity that the ordinary become extraordinary.
#resilience #courage #achievement #learn #growth #margiewarrell