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  • Where is avoiding
    risk holding

    you back?

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    Margie Warrell
  • “Margie sets herself apart with a
    powerful and inspiring message.”

    —KATHY CALVIN, President, United Nations Foundation

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  • Margie Warrell is a bestselling author
    of three books—Find Your Courage, Stop
    Playing Safe
    and Brave. Her insights get
    to the heart of what holds people back
    in work, leadership, love and life.

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  • “Margie Warrell is an international
    authority on courageous action -
    in business, leadership and life.”


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Margie’s Books
  • Stop Playing Safe
  • Brave
  • Find Your Courage
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Our desire for safety
stands against every
worthwhile endeavor.

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If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. If it does, it probably is. Your gut rarely lies. There is no complicated formula to figuring out what you want - all it takes is to take a moment and listen. 
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Visiting Harvard with my kids has me thinking l'd like to come here myself! Never too old right? #Lifelonglearner
I took this photo in Tanzania last month. Believe it or not this was the airstrip we were flying out of in the Serengeti. To me it was a great metaphor:
Be intimidated by no one - there will always be insecure people in the world who deliberately use their personality, position, physicality or power to intimidate, coerce and bully in order to prop up their fragile ego. Such is life. While you can’t change them, you can choose to stand your ground and refuse to let them play you small.

No matter how small this baboon vs the giraffes,  is he is still walking his walk. 
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This week I encourage you all to take a moment to reflect on the ‘stories’ going on in your head…
What are you telling yourself day in and day out?
What emotions do you feel when you hear these thoughts?
Are there any recurring actions when you run these stories?
How can you rewrite them to get a more favorable outcome?
#reflect #mindfulness #startswithyou #margiewarrell
What path are you choosing for yourself? 
#passion #inspiration #create #trainthebrave #margiewarrell
Great conversation & plenty of #girlpower on the set of @abcnews_au @abctv @newsbreakfast talking with @latrioli about #racism #islamaphobia the #burkinban #tv #firdayconfab #womenintv
What you do with your time and talents each day matters. How you do it matters even more. ❤️ Now go out and be heard! #courage #trainthebrave #quotes #margiewarrell
What a treat to spend the morning with Dr Ellen Langer, the "mother of the mindfulness" out visiting from Harvard University. #trainthebrave #mindfulness #courage #margiewarrell #gamechanger