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  • Where is avoiding
    risk holding

    you back?

    Meet Margie

    Margie Warrell
  • “Margie sets herself apart with a
    powerful and inspiring message.”

    —KATHY CALVIN, President, United Nations Foundation

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  • Margie Warrell is a bestselling author
    of three books—Find Your Courage, Stop
    Playing Safe
    and Brave. Her insights get
    to the heart of what holds people back
    in work, leadership, love and life.

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  • “Margie Warrell is an international
    authority on courageous action -
    in business, leadership and life.”


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Margie’s Books
  • Stop Playing Safe
  • Brave
  • Find Your Courage
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“Your desire for safety will
always pull against your
desire for growth.

Back yourself. Be brave.”

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When all you do is conform, all you offer is conformity. Have the courage to own what makes you different. Otherwise, how will other people value how special you are?Creating an outstanding life requires having the courage to stand out!  #ownyourself #MakeyourMark #MargieWarrell
Trust your intuition. It's your own internal compass that steers you toward (or away from) whatever serves your highest good... if you listen to it! So slow down, put your fear aside for a moment and tune in. What does the wisest part of you want you to know?
#courage #beguided #intuition #instinct #MargieWarrell
The festive season is now officially in full swing. Dressing up with these fab chicks for a Gatsby Christmas party made it all the more merry! #girlfriends #christmasparty #gatsby #myermural
Women need to back themselves more and doubt themselves less. When you second-guess yourself, you limit your future. #bebrave #dareyourself #margiewarrell
Great time on @thetodayshow this morning talking about office Christmas party "dos & don'ts." My main message: Don't do anything to embarrass yourself or others. Most of all, don't drink too much! You'll live to regret it! #thetodayshow #christmascheer #margiewarrell #tv
Loved sharing my insights into living fearlessly with everyone at Fearless Sydney today. My core messages: Dial up your ambition. Lean into risk. Be kinder to yourself. Don't wait to know everything before you get started. #shebusiness #befearless #womeninbusiness #empoweringwomen #makeyourmark
And here we all are! The 8th annual Fearless conference is underway. Sharing the stage with some amazing brave hearted women @jacintamcdonell @shebusiness. Thank you for the warm welcome! #befearless #womeninbusiness #shepreneur #empoweringwomen
Everything you most want - in your work, career, business, relationships, health and happiness - lies on the other side of your comfort zone. Living bravely is indispensable for living well. #bravery #comfortzone #margiewarrell