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  • Where is avoiding
    risk holding

    you back?

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    Margie Warrell
  • “Margie sets herself apart with a
    powerful and inspiring message.”

    —KATHY CALVIN, President, United Nations Foundation

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  • Margie Warrell is a bestselling author
    of three books—Find Your Courage, Stop
    Playing Safe
    and Brave. Her insights get
    to the heart of what holds people back
    in work, leadership, love and life.

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  • “Margie Warrell is an international
    authority on courageous action -
    in business, leadership and life.”


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Margie’s Books
  • Stop Playing Safe
  • Brave
  • Find Your Courage
  • Make Your Mark
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“Your desire for safety will
always pull against your
desire for growth.

Back yourself. Be brave.”

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My first book signing for Make Your Mark and it sold out! #holymoly #makeyourmark
Speaking to a room of big thinking entrepreneurs made getting out of bed at 4am to fly to the Gold Coast all worthwhile. Even got a standing ovation which was pretty damn special and made my day! #trainthebrave #justdoit #thinkbigger #speaker
We all have moments of self doubt. What's important is how much power you give them over what you do and say and to set the course of your life. Next time doubt rises up, say "thanks for trying to keep me safe" then move toward whatever feels most truthful. Just don't wait for it to go away first! . #LeanIn #livebravely #selfdoubt #actasif #Trainthebrave #courageworks
The smile on my mum's face as she cuddles her 16th grandchild makes my heart melt. There's been 19 years between her first grandson and her last but her love for each is no less. Welcome to the world little Archie! #babylove #grandmalove #familylove
I was once told that writing a book is the easy part. It's getting the word out that's really hard. I reckon that's true. So thanks in advance for your support as I get my book out into the hands and hearts of those whom if can help. I hope it will inspire you too in making the mark you alone can make on other people and the world. #makeyourmark #guidebook
Why do we love her Adele so much? Because while she may have one helluva set of vocal chords, she’s doesn’t think she’s better than anyone else. She’s real, she’s raw and she refuses to succumb to the pressure to be anyone but herself. What a fabulous role model for women (and men) around the world.  #Hello #CanYouHearMe #AdeleFan
It’s a general rule of life that you ‘Get what you tolerate.’ But here’s the deal: if you want to be taken seriously, respected widely and valued fully, you have to be willing to stand up for yourself, teach people how you expect to be treated and refuse to cower to those who seek to intimidate you. By not making a very clear stand for what you will, and will not tolerate, you become complicit in your own misery.

#ownyourpower #standupforyourself #MakeYourMark
Proud of my Ben. Rowing has been an intense commitment over the last eight months and he's all the stronger and more resilient for it (even though all he ever does is complain about it!) #proudmum