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  • Dec 17, 2021

    Choose Courage Over Comfort

    A swirling mix of nerves and excitement coursed through me as I waved my family goodbye and the sliding doors closed behind me at Melbourne airport.  I was 21 and, armed with little more than a backpack and some travelers' checks (remember those?), I was

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  • Nov 22, 2021

    Practice Gratitude. What You Appreciate, Appreciates

    We all know that it’s good to be grateful. Yet let’s face it, the gravitational pull to dwell on what we don't like or perceive as lacking is strong. Unless we consciously choose otherwise, our attention tends to get pulled toward what’s wrong and whom

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  • Nov 17, 2021

    Give More Grace – To Yourself, To Others

    The woman across from me at a dinner I attended recently rolled her eyes in annoyance when the waiter accidentally poured wine into her water glass. As soon as he realized his error, he apologized profusely. But she was frustrated and let him know as

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  • Oct 20, 2021

    How To Thrive Under Pressure

    As a kid, my dad often took me fishing in his rusty tin boat. Every now and again it would spring a leak. Dad was always creative in finding ways to plug the leak until we returned to shore. Blue tack. Candy. One time he

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  • Sep 15, 2021

    Growth And Comfort Can’t Ride The Same Horse

    While I grew up riding horses, I was never a particularly stylish equestrian. More like a pretty rough n' ready one… gutsy enough to hold on to my wild Brumby we won in a raffle for 20 cents (I kid you not!).  I fell off

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  • Sep 08, 2021

    Choose Faith Over Fear

    As I’ve soaked in the spendor of Colorado's Rocky Mountains over the last week, many times I’ve thought back to this time last year when my future was mired with uncertainty. On more than one occasion I've felt like pinching myself.  Not just because of

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  • Aug 05, 2021

    Turn Your Compassion Inward

    You’re such an idiot. Seriously, when will you ever figure this out. You're just not (good-smart-together-accomplished-successful-Fill-in-the-blank) enough. You’re a lousy presenter/parent/partner/person/(fill in the blank) How often have you heard a little voice inside your head pointing out your mistakes, critiquing your conversations, or berating you

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  • Apr 01, 2021

    How To Regroup After A Bad Day Week, Month—Or Year

    Today is the last Friday, of the last week of the month. I appreciate this is not particularly significant. However maybe you’ve had a bad day, or week, or month… or the entire last 12 months could be described as your ‘annus horriblis.’ Maybe you’re

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  • Nov 25, 2020

    Trust That Life Is Working FOR You

    “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” This was a chapter title in my book Brave.   It’s also a maxim I’ve had to remind myself of many times in recent years as my well laid plans have derailed and I’ve found myself

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  • Apr 20, 2020

    Find Purpose In This Pandemic

    There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make one step back and rethink life. So while this crisis has tilted our world on its axis, leaving many feeling ungrounded and off-kilter, it’s not all bad. A lot bad, yes. But not all. My own recent

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  • Mar 24, 2020

    When Fear Runs High

    Last Friday my husband went to the doctor. He had a mild fever and occasional cough. In ordinary times, he would have just pushed through. But these are no ordinary times. He had flown into Singapore two days earlier from the United States where three

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  • Dec 17, 2019

    2020 Vision: Set Your Life Compass!

    Growing up on my parents' small dairy farm, the vision I had for my life extended little further than the back paddock. I knew there was a lot of world out there but it was just impossible to imagine all the possibilities it held.  Since

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  • May 09, 2019

    Who's In Your Tribe?

    Last weekend, women hailing from eleven countries – from Japan to Bulgaria, Israel to Argentina – joined me at my Live Brave Weekend. Being my first Live Brave Weekend outside Australia, I wasn’t sure how it would differ from the others.  It was on a

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  • Apr 15, 2019

    Unleash Your Power

    William James, considered the founding father of modern day psychology, once today his students at Harvard that most people live in a highly restricted circle of their fullest potential. He cited the number one reason as being a lack of faith in themselves. James observation

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  • Mar 19, 2019

    Train the Brave

    Have you ever looked back and wished you’d been braver? I certainly have. It’s one of the many reasons I do what I do because I know how very easy it is to let our fear and doubt call the shots – in our relationships,

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  • Feb 11, 2019

    Don’t Let Doubt Win

    In his wonderful book The War of Art, author Steven Pressfield talked about how we all have two lives. The one we are living and the one we might have lived had we overcome what he calls the ‘Resistance’ - his word for doubt-filled excuses

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