“Love Is As Love Does”: Spread a little this Valentines!

“Love Is As Love Does”: Spread a little this Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day !

On this day of love, I’d encourage you to truly embrace ‘that lovin feeling’ with all the people you interact with over the course of today and the weekend to come.

While it’s easy to be loving toward the people we love the most (most days), real love is about embodying a spirit of love toward those you may not love at all – strangers, acquaintances and people you may find outright unlovable.

Real love is a verb. Poetic words of love are nice, but real love is  about doing things that make others feel loved – it takes courage, it takes compassion, it requires generosity.  So as you go about your day today, I invite you to think about what you could do differently to make those you interact with feel more valued, more appreciated, more acknowledged… more loved in some way, large or small.

It might just be a warm smile, taking a few extra minutes to ask about their weekend, an offer of assistance, a gesture of thanks.  It might also be doing something far bigger… like apologising for something you did recently that was not particularly thoughtful, or committing to spend time with someone who could really do with some extra kindness, even though it may not be something you feel like doing.

Love is as love does.

I hope those around you – in your workplace, in your home, and in your community – will feel your love today and in the days ahead. It’s the ultimate gift.

A big lovin’ eHug going your way this Valentines.