Where’s Your Daring?

A few years back a woman called Sarah Armstrong, who has since become a friend, made the bold decision to try to make a difference for the people living in the poorest nation on earth, Sierra Leone. Sarah got on a plane and traveled around the country and as she went, she asked questions, lots of questions, to try to understand how she, a lone woman and single mom, could help create a brighter future for the people she was meeting.

On her return to the United States she created the Brighter Africa Foundation and since then the work of her foundation has made an enormous difference to thousands upon thousands of people.

Isn’t that amazing?

The thing is that we all have the ability to make a huge difference in the world but most of us opt out of trying, justifying our inaction with thoughts to the tune of “what difference can little old me make to a whopping big problem like that?”

But Sarah is proof that one person, with enough passion and purpose, can make a huge difference.

And you can too!

Today through Saturday I will be donating all the profits from my book Find Your Courage to Sarah’s Brighter Africa Foundation. Every cent that is raised will go directly into education and food programs for the  women and children of Sierra Leone. Yes, every single cent!

So please support this great cause and while you are at it, get yourself a great book (yes, even if i do say so myself) and, as a thank you from many of my friends, also get yourself over $2,000 in great gifts!

Just go to Find Your Courage book.

Go on, dare to make a difference today!