Here I Am!

Here I Am!


I’ve been resisting creating a blog for about two years now. Frankly I figured it just wasn’t something that people would want to visit. I mean I know myself “I just don’t do blogs.” But it seems that every second person I got talking to started asking me “Have you got a blog?” and after about the hundredth time I decided I needed to pull my finger out and get on with metamorphosing myself into a “blogger.”  Who’d have thought?  Doesn’t seem that long ago I was figuring out how to manage a website and now. . .  website plebsite. . . so five minutes ago!

So this is my first-ever blog entry (which i guess makes me a virgin blogger right?) and with only 3 days to go until I jump on a plane to Australia for 6 weeks of weddings (three!), family get-togethers, long drives, more family get-togethers, catching up with old friends, delivering a keynote at my old high schools graduation, trips to the beach, more family get-togethers, more long drives. . . okay you get the picture. . . well, let me just say there is much to do in the few days I have before I go away.

So with brevity now foremost in mind, let me just say “Welcome to my blog!” You know I’ve had a lot of fear around the idea of blogging — fear I won’t able to figure out how to blog (remember, I was born in the pre-computer age), fear no one will read my blog posts, fear this will become such a drain on my time that I will never leave my office again, fear that I will write something really stupid and be critized for it — and so I’ve had to walk my talk when it comes to be bold and courageous and with this entry I am making the first big bold step out of my comfort zone and into a new realm of technology and communication that is very unfamiliar to me.

So what about you? What is it you would do if you weren’t afraid? What new things would you try to master? What would you change? What would you say (or write)?

While this blog is very, very, very new and has yet to be filled with all the fabulous content that I have waiting to upload, my intention is that in the years and decades to follow millions and millions of people will pop on by for a dose of inspiration and will leave feeling more confident, more clear and more courageous in what they want to do and who they need to be to accomplish it!

Remember, courage is not the absence of fear or self-doubt. Courage is action in the presence of it!

Okay. . ..signing off for now. Not sure when I will get back on but please, leave a comment, sign up for the RSS feed (there’s a little orange button on here somewhere!) and most of all. . . PLEASE COME BACK!

Until next time. . . LIVE BOLDLY!