Overthinking it but afraid to just wing it? Why ‘doing’ beats planning every time with Emma Isaacs

Are you an over-thinker? Ever get stuck planning, preparing and procrastinating until you’re sure you can’t fail? Many do. “Stop thinking, start doing,” says Emma Isaacs a trail blazing entrepreneur, mother of five and founding CEO of Business Chicks. Down-to-earth and keepin’ it real, Emma shares why action beats planning every single time and how to find the courage to jump in and bounce back stronger when you don’t land on your feet.

Too often we think we need to have some brilliant, well thought out plan before taking on a challenge that is far bigger than us; that we must absolutely have all the answers before we start out. Not so! And definitely not how Emma has achieved all that she has.

Emma will inspire you to stop overthinking it, to wing it and give yourself permission to learn as you go

Check out Emma’s new book Winging it at: www.businesschicks.com/wingingit