Don’t wait to know everything before you do something

Don’t wait to know everything before you do something

dont-wait-do-somethingAbout ten years ago I got the idea of writing a book. I had never aspired to be an author. In fact, I didn’t even see myself as a writer. But as I’d started to do more public speaking, I was asked more and more if I had a book and, if not, if I would write one.

The seed was planted but my doubts kept it from growing. Who was I to write a book? What do I know about the publishing process? (nothing) Surely I had to be old and wise and know all the answers to my many questions before I started out?  What if I was deluding myself?

A few encouraging words by my husband Andrew ultimately shifted my mindset. “Honey I know you think you need to have all the answers to the worlds problems before you share your wisdom. But right now, you have things to say that are helpful. So why don’t you share them. And then one day, when you are old and wise with al the answers, you can write another book!”

Good man that husband of mine.  His words made all the difference. Out came a blank page to map out the core messages I wanted to share. Find Your Courage was born onto that blank sheet.

With four children under seven at the time, it was a project of passion and I took every few hours I could steal away to write.  I focused only on the step right ahead and didn’t start researching the publishing side of it until I’d nearly finished it 2 ½ years later.  After a lot of rejections, it eventually caught the eye of McGraw-Hill who’ve since republished it in several languages.

That experience taught me a powerful lesson we all need to hear again and again throughout our lives and that is:

You don’t need to know everything before doing something.

Of course I don’t know what it is you’d really love to create or achieve or change or pursue. However I do know this – waiting until you have everything figured out before you start out is a recipe for missed opportunity, frustration, resentment and regret.

tumblr_mbxee4vRRZ1qcap7go1_1280-720x450LIFE REWARDS ACTION. However small or slow your initial first steps may be – they build the momentum, confidence and clarity for those to follow.

I’m applying that lesson again right now as I plan out the launch of an online TV channel to inspire people (particularly women!) to be more courageous in work, love and life (a long held ambition) There’s a ton I don’t know a lot about what’s required to get this ‘baby’ off the ground. What I do know is that if I wait around until I know everything, years will pass before I do anything.  Life’s too darn short for that! So watch this space in the next few days as I’d really love your input on the topics you’d love me to discuss on video and how I can best inspire you to new heights & happiness in your life. If you  have any suggestions in the meanwhile, feel free to share below!