“New Year, New… Hemisphere!”

“New Year, New… Hemisphere!”

Ask my kids and they will embarrassingly admit that I often burst into sporadic song.  And one of my all time favorites is Peter Allen’s “I still call Australia home.”  Well, next month, after ten years in the US, it will be again.

Yes, I’m moving!

Moving kids. Moving house. Moving state. Moving country. Moving hemisphere!

Down Under!

After a decade living and thriving and LOVING the USA, I’m heading back to my homeland, back to my ‘hometown’ of Melbourne. Closer to Grandpa’s farm, closer to cousins, closer to the beach!

Weeks after 9/11 when I moved with my husband and three very young children to Texas, I thought we’d be in the US for just a short time. Ten years (and one Texan – our 4th child) later I’ve become so at home in America that I feel like I’m leaving one home to move to another.  After all, I have only lived in Melbourne briefly since heading off to  live in Papua New Guinea 17 years ago.

I’m guessing you’re surprised.   Well let me tell you, so am I!

Basically my husband got a job offer he simply could not refuse! While it’s likely we will only be back there for a few years, who knows? Right now I’m keeping focused on the year right ahead.  As of today, I have one month to pack up my home, sell and give away lots of “Stuff,” find a new home, and, of course, say farewell to our many fabulous friends before we catch that plane.

But don’t worry, I WILL BE BACK!

Regularly!  The irony did not escape me that he day after we decided to make this move, I was asked to speak at three conferences across the US in 2012 and firmed up a meeting to contribute to a national TV show that will air next year. So I think its fair to say, if you live in America, you haven’t seen the last of me yet!  I’ve gone global!

I have long thought of myself as a Global Citizen. Yes, I’m Australian by birth, passport and accent. But borders are easier to cross, air miles easier to accrue, and people easier to connect with than ever before.

Of course my passion for empowering people to live courageous lives never wavers. In fact, if anything, as I spread my wings to the other side of the globe, I feel more strongly than ever about the importance of living courageously in a climate that has become so fearful. I truly believe there has never been a more important time to discern those fears that are serving us from those that are stifling us, to refuse to buy into dogma that drives us to create barriers rather than bridges, and to resist pressures to play safe, think small, stick with the status quo and settle for less from ourselves, and life, than serves us.

There’s no doubt about it, lots of change lies ahead for me in 2012. But I also know that nothing is truly permanent and that life’s biggest changes, also present its greatest opportunities. So, with that said, I embrace the words of Helen Keller that have always inspired me so much:

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing!”

Indeed it is. New Year, New Hemisphere… New Adventures await!  This next chapter will undoubtedly involve more sun, surf and sand. Likely a few more swear words too (those bloody Aussies love to swear!)

I look forward to you joining me on my life adventure as I continue my life’s work in supporting you in yours.

In the meanwhile, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a bold and bodacious start to the year ahead.