2020 Vision: Set Your Life Compass!

2020 Vision: Set Your Life Compass!

Growing up on my parents’ small dairy farm, the vision I had for my life extended little further than the back paddock. I knew there was a lot of world out there but it was just impossible to imagine all the possibilities it held. 

Since leaving home at 18 I’ve got to experience a lot of the world. Not all of it, but a lot more of it than I even knew existed as a child. 

And what I’ve learnt is that most of us have no idea what is truly possible in our lives simply because our perspective is so limited; our lens so narrow.

This isn’t our fault. It’s just how life is. 

Sometimes I wonder what different choices I might have made if, at 18, I had been able to live with the hindsight of 2020 vision of all that I’ve experienced since then. If I’d realized the vast possibilities that actually existed for me and not been so confined by my understanding of the world and what was possible for me in it. 

Of course, life can not be lived backward with hindsight. It can only be lived forward.  

Yet if hindsight has taught me anything it’s that we must be bold in the vision we create for ourselves in our one and only precious life. That we must dare to do more than we think we can, and not let our fear of not having what it takes – of not being smart enough, talented enough, fill-in-the-blank enough – drive us to settle for less than the biggest life we are capable of living. 

Too often we do. 

Many people meander through life, going through the motions but not excited by their future or feeling truly alive in their own lives. By not being an active agent, proactively creating their own lives, they are at the mercy of whatever life happens to bring their way. All of which leaves them living lives by default, rather than by design (something I’ve written about previously). 

It’s why my final 2019 Live Brave podcast, and this blog post, is intended to help you step into the year and decade ahead with a deeper sense of purpose in your life and a bolder vision for what you want to achieve and contribute and experience over the course of the next ten years. 

In my podcast, I share three powerful actions you can take to get unstuck and on course in your life. If there’s any aspect of your life in which you don’t feel really powerful and positive, you’ll find it really practical and empowering. Creating your Vision 2020 is a powerful investment in your future happiness. It will act as a compass to help you prioritize your actions and harness your talents, passion and energy to turn your boldest dreams into a reality. 

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Just remember this…. 

Ten years from now you will be so glad that you took the time right now to reimagine your future, reset your compass and recommit to living the biggest, bravest and most authentic life you have it within you to live. 

As Bronnie Ware, author of Five Regrets of the Dying, shared in our recent podcast interview (coming in 2020!), the number one regret of those at the end of their lives is that they wished they’d been braver with their lives. 

Now is the perfect time to decide how you will be braver with your life. 

What you yearn for most – in your work, in your relationships and in every aspect of your life – is riding on it. 

Listen to my podcast on creating your vision for 2020 here!