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NOV 2016 18-20

Live Brave
Women’s Weekend


NOV 2016


Reconnect with your passion.

Reimagine your future.

Reset your compass.

(And have a little fun!)

Please join me this November for a weekend of connection, clarity and inspiration in the charming town of Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia.

Life is busy. In fact it’s so busy that sometimes we forget to slow down long enough to think about the direction we’re moving. Without meaning to, we can find ourselves living ‘by default’ rather than ‘by design.’

This weekend is about you. It’s about giving yourself ‘time out’ to get really clear about what you most want for yourself and to reset your compass on creating a future that inspires you. Deeply.

There’ll be lots of talking: some of it by me, some of it by you, and lots of it together. You’re going to laugh. A lot. (You may cry. A little.) You’re also going to get really present to all that you’ve learned up to now and the many possibilities that still await.

I don’t have all the answers. But I’ve learnt that when you stop still long enough (not easy for many women!), you discover that you know a lot more than you think!

Like what you need to do more of, what you need to do less of, what you need to let go and what you must confront about the choices you’ve been making that are keeping you from being the person you most aspire to be.

All of which will take courage.

And I know a thing or two about that!

(If you’ve landed here but have no clue who I am, you can get the full scoop here.)

This weekend won’t involve African drumming and I won’t be giving you 10-step formulas to ‘find your bliss.’ However, drawing on many years of coaching talented women like yourself and facilitating all sorts of groups around the world, I’ll help you create your own personal  ‘road map’ to chart a better, and braver, path forward.

Between plenty of laughter with fabulous women you will:

Rewrite your ‘personal story’ to expand what’s possible for you in your work, wellbeing, wealth, relationships and life

Uncover the core fears that have been holding you back & learn simple but powerful techniques to master them

Connect to your ‘Big Why’ & clarify the highest vision for your life

Learn daily ‘resilience rituals’ to help you be at your best & bravest more often

Design a specific goal plan to chart a braver path in 2017

Create the accountability you need to stay in action when motivation wanes and things don’t go to plan (as always happens!)

So whether you want to climb further up the ladder you’re on or move in a whole new direction, I’ll be giving you tools to step more powerfully into action. Because if there’s one thing I know that you don’t want – it’s investing any more energy or time on a path that isn’t bringing out the very best of who you are.

If this sounds like your kind of weekend, then I hope you can join me.

Margie Warrell

Is this weekend right for you?

Not sure if this weekend is right for you? Fair enough. Let me tell you who it’s for (and who it’s not for!)

It’s for women who want to do more and be more, yet who sometimes doubt whether they can.

It’s for women who’ve been wondering “Where to from here?” and are ready for change but feel unsure or overwhelmed at where to begin.

It’s for women who want to keep doing what they’re already doing, but better – with less juggle and greater joy;  busy women overdue a little ‘time out’ to rethink their approach – to their work, relationships, well-being, finances and life.

It’s for capable women. Career women. Entrepreneurial women. Aspiring women… women who are ‘up-to-stuff’!

Most of all, it’s for women who know that they’re here to live an even bigger life than the one they’re living women and are ready to ditch the excuses that have kept them from fully pursuing what they want and changing what they don’t.

Who this weekend is not for?

Women who are content with the status quo or just not ready to choose growth over comfort.  (Well, not yet anyway.)

A Quick Overview

Friday November 18th

You’ll arrive around 4pm (though anytime from 2pm is fine!) and unpack your bags. Assuming you aren’t coming wiht a friend, now’s when you will get to meet the wonderful woman you’ll be sharing your room with.  The women who attended my first weekend will attest to the wonderful friendships they made.

Depending on how much time you have, you may want to sit in the beautiful gardens or treat yourself at the nearby Hepburn Springs Spa to kick off your weekend.

At 5pm we will gather together for a welcome glass of whatever takes your fancy.

At 5.45pm I will formally kick off the weekend and we’ll make formal introductions (so it’s very important you’ve arrived by 5.45!)

I’ll then get you started thinking and talking about the highest (and bravest) intentions you have for your life.

As I’ll be doing right throughout the weekend, I’ll both challenge you to ‘think bigger’ about yourself and encourage you to challenge some of the assumptions, labels, rules and ‘shoulds’ that have influenced your past choices and which might be getting in the way of you doing and becoming all that you want most.

You’ll also be given a keepsake journal to use that you can return back to for inspiration in the years to come.

We will then head to our private dining room for a wonderful 3-course dinner. Prepare for plenty of laughter and lots of real, big thinking and brave conversations.

Saturday November 19th

You’ll wake up to the fresh country air and we’ll head out for a brisk 45 minute walk (and talk) to the nearby national park to bring our bodies to life before breakfast.  (Besides caffeine.)

Over breakfast you’ll enjoy connecting with other women, learning their story and sharing your own. You’ll find lots in common.

Our morning session will be a ‘Life Audit’ to identify what’s working and what’s not. We’ll then focus on the ‘Power of Story’ – how your stories have shaped your life, undermined self-confidence, and can expand or limit your future. You’ll be guided to rewrite those stories that are holding you back.  It’s a cool exercise!

After lunch we’ll clarify your big Why,’ then figure out your ‘What.’  You’ll reconnect with what lights you up and reset your compass on your own True North. I’ll be sharing evidence based strategies to help you begin moving toward more of what you want and away from what you don’t. The kind of things you can do to help you build resilience, stay focused, keep motivated, manage naysayers and keep your inner critic in its place.

I’ll also be sharing insights and tools you can use to address the issues that are undermining your ‘success’ (however you choose to define it) in the core areas of your life. So more talking and thinking, writing and growing, sharing and connecting.

Late afternoon (around 3.30) you’ll get some ‘time off’ to explore nearby Daylesford, take a walk in the forest or just chill out on the beautiful lawns before dressing up for evening aperitifs!

We will then meet for drinks before another delicious dinner and fun evening of simply celebrating who we are! (Because we don’t do that near enough!)

Sunday November 20th

You may choose to sleep in or enjoy another brisk morning walk’n’talk with me and your fellow ‘bravesters’.

After breakfast we’ll begin tying the lessons, insights and ideas and dreams all together.

You’ll put pen to paper to write down your ‘Big Brave Game Plan’ for the year ahead so you can start 2017 strong –  enlisting support, clarifying next steps and creating accountability to keep you moving forward on the days when things don’t go to plan (they’re inevitable!)

You’ll share your 2017 game plan with others and help them to fine-tune theirs (because we can do more together than we ever can alone!)

We will wrap up (#hugs) at 1pm to give you time to catch flights or make your way back home.

If you have time on your hands you can enjoy all the wonderful local attractions  – soak up in the local mineral springs, browse some of the stores in Daylesford or simply take time for yourself and new friends to enjoy the gorgeous spas in the area.

You’ll leave recharged and ready for your re-entry back to ‘life.’

But it won’t be the same. Because you won’t be the same (not quite). You’ll be stronger, and wiser, and braver.

You’ll also be a whole lot clearer about who you are, what you can do, why you must do it and how to get started.

I’ll see to it!

Registration now closed!

Waiting list open.

AUD $1,750

AUD $1,575

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for the November Live Brave Women’s Weekend, or if you would like to register your interest for weekends in 2017, please email [email protected]

Every registration includes:

  • Two nights twin-share accommodation at the charming Grange Bellinzona (single supplement available)
  • Complimentary wi-fi, snacks, morning and afternoon tea, and all meals, including buffet breakfast and three-course dinners.
  • Complimentary registration in my 10 day video course – Train The Brave Challenge – that you can commence any time that works for you following our weekend together.
  • A custom produced Live Brave journal to use over the weekend and refer back to for inspiration and ideas for years to come
  • An exclusive invitation to a one hour webinar with Margie in early January to ensure you start 2017 strong and firm up your game plan for your Big Brave Goals for the year ahead.
  • And, last but not least, plenty of fine wine and bubbles each evening (and friendships you cannot put a value on!)

Upon completing your registration form you will be sent a Welcome pack with more information and invited to a private Facebook page where Margie will be posting videos and messages for you prior to the weekend. It will be a great way for you to stay connected with your new friends and support each other in “living brave” long after our weekend is over.


Margie’s long subscribed  to the motto to “Lift as you climb.” So she is offering a limited number of partial scholarships for action-oriented women who aren’t currently in the position to afford the full cost for the weekend.

Please email [email protected] for details.

Here’s a short video from our Live Brave Women’s Weekend (shot on Jenny’s iPhone):

Additionally, 10% of all profit from the weekend will go to support the work of Women for Women in Africa, a non-profit organisation that educates, empowers and elevates  women and children in Kenya’s Kibera slum. You may have seen photos on Margie’s Facebook page from her women’s workshop in Kibera in July 2016.


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    Ange Sinclair, Naturopath & Nutritionist

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  • Margie has an infectious positivity and is a wonderful teacher, coach and presenter. I really love her style of presenting - her ideas and concepts are solid and attending her Live Brave Weekend will help you create positive change in whatever area of life you are struggling to live true to your self. What an inspiration!

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    Jude Burger, Change Consultant

  • The Live Brave Weekend was enlightening. I dealt with stuff that was buried and now put to rest. I enjoyed and marveled at my fellow women's courage and bravery. Thank you for a wonderful weekend Margie. I've been telling everyone how great I found the experience.

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