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A certified master coach, Margie is a trusted mentor and advisor for women leaders and change-makers globally. 

As a coach, Margie is committed to supporting ambitious women to expand their personal and professional vision, grow their leadership influence and amplify their impact in their workplace and beyond. She works with a host of big thinking women forging diverse careers and entrepreneurial paths around the world.

Margie’s purpose driven approach threads through her coaching conversations as she helps her clients clarify their core values, prioritize their time and focus on what matters most (distinguishing the ‘vital few’ from the ‘trivial many!’)

A master certified coach, one of Margie’s greatest strengths is helping people see their ‘blind spots,’ enabling them to engage in bigger conversations and accomplish their goals more effectively – with more ease, less stress. Resilience, purpose, focus, playfulness, authenticity, vulnerability, risk-taking and trust are topics Margie regularly touches during her coaching conversations.

  • Creating stronger alignment between vision, values and priority management
  • Better navigating organization dynamics and managing unconscious bias
  • Growing leadership competencies that aren’t natural to you
  • Productivity and time management (getting focused!)
  • Expanded flexibility dealing with challenging people and complex situations
  • Executive presence and non-verbal communication to grow personal authority
  • Utilizing underused leadership styles and behaviors
  • Growing a “Culture of Courage” to strengthen team engagement and collaboration
  • Improving accountability and performance management
  • Enhancing personal well being, resilience and stress management
  • Specific performance issues & goals

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What People Are Saying

  • Down to earth and disarming, Margie's insights have helped me bolster my personal vision for a candid, collaborative, and forward-leaning workplace.

    Kathy Calvin

    CEO & President, United Nations Foundation

  • Margie's insightful and pragmatic approach to coaching has helped me achieve on a whole new level.
    Margie is genuinely invested in your professional and personal success and her flexibility, intuition, and insight provide immediate and lasting value.

    Beth Hain

    US Aid, Pakistan

  • In terms of my personal growth and professional development, nothing I have done in the past has had such an impact as working with Margie. Her coaching has been extremely beneficial. I'm now far more confident in presenting to senior leadership, prioritizing workload and communicating issues of concern. Working with Margie was such a good experience that I got her to coach my whole team. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Miranda Mason

    Partner, Accenture

  • Margie has an exceptional gift when it comes to helping people see things from new and more constructive perspectives, identifying the barriers to success, and finding the courage and clarity to take the steps needed to achieve their true potential. She was a great sounding board and exceeded the expectations that the person who had recommended her set for me. When it comes to coaching, Margie is a master.

    Sylvia Work

    Manager, Verizon

  • Margie’s coaching has given me the focus I’ve needed to make significant progress both professionally and personally. Margie doesn’t accept ‘surface-only’ answers; she digs deep and it’s in the digging that all that’s valuable and meaningful begins to show itself. Her coaching has led me to a deeper thought process and taught me the importance of clarifying my intent in all things.

    Shondale Bostick

    Accenture, Holland

  • Margie is insightful, compassionate, objective and a wonderful sounding board. Her questions have helped me reframe problems and move forward with the clarity and confidence I'd been missing before.

    Daniella Lorenzo

    Business Owner

  • Thank you for your coaching. It’s clear why you are such a success… you are fantastic at what you do! I think you are incredible. Asking the hard questions in a non-threatening way is both a talent and an art. You have both, Margie!

    Cathy Wilkes

    Executive & Business Owner, Virginia.

  • Margie’s coaching had a significant impact on how I engaged in my work, managed my time and approached my challenges and opportunities. I can highly recommend her professionalism, skill and integrity as a coach and leadership development expert.

    June Bood

    Partner, PWC

  • Margie provided a trusted sounding board and sage advice on how to build collaboration in my team, navigate several contentious issues and grow my influence as a leader within my organization.

    Katherine Powers

    Executive, American Airlines

  • Investing in Margie has transformed our team into a well-oiled machine. Margie brought focus to our team and her communication strategies shared have made such a huge difference to our team morale. Thank you so much Margie!

    Heidi Gough


  • Margie has given me a new way of thinking and looking at things, which has not only helped me in my work environment, but with family and friends also. I can therefore highly recommend Margie as a coach!

    Janet Johnston

    Global Alliance Partner, Accenture

  • Margie's ability to see the big picture even in the small details of a problem was outstanding. She equipped me with excellent approaches to deal with “challenging” people at work, express myself more confidently, and better hand issues that had me feeling frustrated and resentful. Overall I can say that working with Margie was both an enjoyable and very worthwhile experience.

    Meredith Van Wyk, Marketing Director

  • Margie is far more than a coach. Smart, generous, and highly intuitive, she has the ability to cut to the heart of an issue with razor precision at lightening speed. As a busy person, I am very precious on how I spend my time but time with Margie is always time well spent.

    Francine McMullen, HR Consultant

  • Working with Margie over the past two years has changed my life. Thanks to her support, I have found the courage to move forward with my biggest ambitions and live boldly!

    Tracey Webber

    CEO, Webber International

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