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About The Author

From surviving an armed robbery to crossing the Sahara desert, Margie has had to ‘find her courage’ many times since growing up on a dairy farm in rural Australia. Today, she draws on her diverse background in business, psychology and coaching to help people engage in more courageous conversations and make their unique mark in leadership and life. A mother of four teens, Margie’s work with organisations from NASA to the UN Foundation is fuelled by her passion to create a better, braver and more equitable world. A regular contributor to leading media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and Today Show, Margie has also been a guest lecturer at Georgetown, Columbia, SMU and Monash Universities.

“Your desire for safety will always pull against your desire for growth.

Margie Warrell

A book for the brave!

Bear Grylls

Margie has just released her latest book Make Your Mark: A Guidebook for the Brave Hearted

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