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If there’s something you genuinely want to say, chances are someone genuinely needs to hear it.

About Margie...

Bestselling author. International speaker. Women's advocate. Mother of Four.
Margie Warrell is an international 
authority on courageous action - 
in business, leadership and life.


“I feel stuck, like I’m not living the life I really want but I’m not sure what to do.”

“I’ve tried to change so many times, it just never works.”

“I have all these dreams but I just don’t think I’ll ever have what it takes.”

“I’m so sick of hearing myself make excuses but I keep slipping back into the same old rut.” 

Nelson Mandela once said, “There is no passion to be found in living a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Yet, have you ever settled for less than you wanted… in your work, relationships or other areas of your life because, deep down… you were afraid you couldn’t do any better? 

Have you ever wanted to make a change or take a chance… but you held back… self-doubt got the better of you?

You’re not alone.

Having worked with thousands of people from diverse backgrounds around the world, I’ve witnessed so many talented, clever and creative people settle for less than what they wanted for the wrong reasons.

Fear --- of failure…. rejection… criticism. Fear of messing up, looking foolish or just not being ‘enough’ in some way.

In this program, I'll guide you to master the fear based beliefs that keep you from enjoying the success you most want - in your work, relationships and life. 

Introduction video that helps you develop the mindset to make the most of the program


7 Life Compass Video Lessons in which I share science-backed concepts and strategies, as well as some of my own hard-won wisdom, that you can apply immediately to your life


6 Life Compass Worksheets

Homework assignments to move from learning to doing so you don't waste any time from DAY 1

BONUSES: Access to my private Live Brave Community Facebook page, access to my 10 Day Train The Brave Challenge, plus discounts on all Live Brave events as part of the Live Brave Alumni community.

Here's what you'll get access to with the 
Life Compass Course...

The Program Includes:

In this 7-week program I will take you through seven core steps to help you get the clarity, confidence and courage you need to move toward the life you want (and away from what you don’t want!)

This program is based on my profound belief that we are all here to make our own special mark on the world, but we can only do so when we are willing to move past the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that drive us to sell ourselves short and let our past dictate our future.

Reset Your Compass On The Biggest Vision For Your Life

Waking up every day excited by the goals your pursuing


Feeling confident in your ability to handle whatever challenges may lie ahead


Self-assured enough to speak up, step up and make your mark in your work and beyond


Surrounded by a community of people who bring out your best and support your success


Feeling strong, energetic, resilient, playful and purposeful in every area of your life


Looking back with immense pride for all you have done and overcome


If you aren’t okay with your future being ‘more of the same,’ I hope you will put a priority on your own happiness and invest time to create your own individual roadmap toward the future you yearn for most! 

You just have to be willing to step back and rethink how you've been approaching your life ... all of which takes courage. 

Every experience – the good, the bad and the ugly – of your life has brought you to where you are today. The Life Compass Course will help you use those experiences to create a life you love and make your own special mark on the world.

And Here Are Your Bonuses...

Access to Margie's 10 Day Train The Brave Challenge

A 7-week, step-by-step roadmap to help you get unstuck and on track to lead your biggest life.



Drawing on research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness, as well as my own hard-won wisdom, the Life Compass Course will guide you through 7 core steps to help you: 

Uncover your deepest desires and move through your biggest fears.

Build rituals that bring your best self to your biggest challenges. 

Forge deeper, more authentic relationships and be a person who inspires all who know you.

Stop making choices driven by fear of what you DON’T want, and start making them because of your commitment to what you DO want.

The SECRET is this: The quality of your relationships is 100% determined by the quality of the conversations you have in them.

Imagine yourself just one year from now...

Decide What You Stand For

Ever find yourself wondering “What if?” and “What else?” This week will connect you to what matters most… to you! You’ll find that ‘sweet spot’ between what lights you up, what draws on your strengths, fuels your passion and yet also pays the bills. It will set a powerful foundation for the rest of this course and the rest of your life. 

Vision = Power. Any area of your life in which you are unclear about what you really want you can end up some place you may not like. Lesson 2 will guide you to connect with the highest vision for your life, set specific goals that align with your core values and compel you powerfully into action.

Set Your Compass

Your best thinking got you here. Learn how to upgrade your ‘internal GPS’ and challenge the stories (beliefs, assumptions, labels, justifications and “shoulds”) that have been steering you in the wrong direction and derailing your decisions. By learning how to rewrite the stories holding you back you can rewrite your future. Powerful stuff! 


Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Access to Margie's Private Facebook Community

So, are you ready to get out of your rut… and bravely conquer those important conversations? Are you finally done with holding back?

I’m excited for you… your work, your love life… everything!  It’s all about to take off.

So, let’s get started! Click the button below.


YES! I Need This.

Success Story

"Great life lessons in bite size pieces! Margie’s Life Compass course is simple, easy to follow, but packed with many valuable lessons - not just for the workplace, but life in general. The ability to work through the course at your own time, and enhance your lessons through the worksheets provided is great and having put into practice many of these lessons - I can guarantee they work - new job, better relationships all round, and 10kg lighter!"


Sophie Wilson, Operations Director

Your Story Starts Here...

You’ve seen how Margie has helped people just like you move past the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs to make their own special mark on the world!

Now, it’s your turn to join them. Sign up by simply clicking the button below.


… Until you’ve learned the formula… and the science of Courageous Conversation.

Blurting out what's on your mind without first setting your highest intention and planning ahead can irreparably damage trust and create a lot of unecessary stress for yourself and others. 

Saying nothing holds another type of risk... continuing to feel ever more frustrated, undervalued or disconnected. 

So, for the sake of the future you most want to live, I hope you will invest in learning what it takes to have the courageous conversations needed to make it a reality. 

Please! Be Careful What You Say...

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

You’re not really going to shrink away are you?

Take a leap of bravery today so you can start having Courageous Conversations that expand your happiness...

When it comes to helping people live boldly authentic lives filled with passion and purpose, Margie is a master.

Louisa Jewell - President, 
Canadian Positive Psychology Association

Without bravery and courage you can go through life making excuses about why you can’t or shouldn’t do things. Margie’s insights will help get you on your way to a bigger, braver and more fulfilling life.

Janine Allis - Founder of Boost Juice and Shark Tank Investor
Sara James - NBC Foreign Correspondent & Author 

If fear or self-doubt has ever kept you from speaking up, stepping up, making changes or taking chances, Margie’s practical advice, strategies and hardwon wisdom will change your life.

"Margie's ability to engage, educate and embolden people is inspirational. Her nuggets of wisdom are both profound and practical for anyone wanting to be a more confident communicator and enjoy greater success in their workplace and beyond.



You are wired to be happy; you are wired to be safe. It’s why change, even change for the better, is hard. In Lesson 4 you’ll apply Margie’s FearLess Model to quieten your inner critic and conquer the fear and self-doubt that has been sitting in the pilot’s seat of your life for far too long. 

One-time Payment



Access to Life Compass with Margie Warrell for one easy payment of $97 USD


Without bravery and courage you can go through life making excuses about why you can’t or shouldn’t do things. Follow this and you’ll be on your way to a bigger, braver and more fulfilling life. Enjoy.

PLUS Your Guarantee...

You’ll love Life Compass, just like those who have already completed it. And, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue a full refund. You’ll even keep the program!

So, let’s get started! Click the button below.



"Margie has given me a new way of thinking and looking at things, which has not only helped me in my work environment, but with family and friends also. I can therefore highly recommend Margie to anyone!" 

Set Your 
Life Compass

with Margie Warrell


Success Stories...

Working with Margie over the past two years has changed my life. Thanks to her support, I have found the courage to move forward with my biggest ambitions and live boldly!


Tracey Webber - CEO, Webber International


Success Story...

"I am already a very motivated person, but Margie's Life Compass course really encourages you to push yourself that bit further, and not to be afraid of having ambitious goals. When you are starting up a new business and working from home, it can sometimes be lonely and you begin to doubt your own abilities, but thankfully Margie is able to unleash your inner potential to be your absolute best." 


Kate Coleman, Founder, Tasting Fitness 

value $99


A thriving heart-centered group only for my Courage Academy members, where you can ask questions at anytime, gain support when needed and connect with others on similar journeys!

You build bravery by acting with it. The Train The Brave Challenge shows you how you can act with bravery in small, doable steps across 10 days.

Come and join our brave hearted tribe - we are ALL waiting to cheer you on! 

Life Compass is a 7-week step-by-step roadmap to help you get unstuck and on trackto lead your biggest life.

Includes over $100 in additional bonuses PLUS a 100%, no questions asked, 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Set your Life Compass today!

Janet Johnston - Global Alliance Partner, Accenture

Upgrade Your Mental Maps

Exit The Safe Lane

Margie has dedicated her life to helping people make braver decisions and lead more purposeful lives. You can find out more about Margie here.

From growing up as the big sister of seven on a dairy farm in rural Australia to working in Fortune 500 businesses, Margie has drawn on the challenges she’s faced as well as those she’s taken on to write three best-selling books and become a leading authority on courageous action.

A certified master coach, she is passionate about equipping people with the mindset, strategies and skills to find opportunity in adversity and to thrive in relationships, work, leadership and life. 

A Forbes columnist, Margie’s insights come from her interviews and conversations with leaders such as Richard Branson as well as her work with leading organisations around the globe, from NASA to the UN Foundation. She has also been a guest lecturer at Columbia and Georgetown Universities and shared her expertise with leading media outlets from CNN to The Today Show. 

Margie is Australia’s first Ambassador for Women in Global Business, is a Women’s Economic Forum honoree and an Ambassador for Beyond Blue. She also enjoys sharing adventures with her husband and four tireless teenagers.


More Praise For Margie... 

Payments are in USD.

All of this is possible. What it takes is your decision - that you'll no longer settle for less than the life you are capable of living.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that when we take time to sit with the big questions, we discover there’s a lot more wisdom inside of us than we knew. 

It’s why this course isn’t me giving you all the answers but helping you to find your own. Your future is still unwritten, and you are its author. In doing this course it is my hope that you will rewrite the stories holding you back and write a new chapter you will forever feel proud of.

Life isn’t linear. Often even the best laid plans will fall apart and your bravest efforts won’t always land you the success you want. Drawing on resilience science and positive psychology, learn how to reframe stressors, build grit and grow your innate resilience when pressures mount and the going gets tough.

Lean In To The Curves

Relationships amplify your emotions – for better or worse. Learn how to attract the kind of people who will bring out your best and embolden your thinking so you can do more, be more and give more than you ever would otherwise. After all, life mastery is not a solo endeavour. 

Build Your Tribe

Successful people do things others don’t, beginning with the daily habits and rituals that set them up to handle everything else better. In this final lesson you’ll create your game plan to bring your best self to the big game of life… daily… no matter what. It will help you stay focused, confident and ‘on track’ toward the biggest life you yearn to live. 

Run Your Own Best Race

Bonus #3

Margie's Live Brave Events

As part of the Live Brave Alumni community, you'll receive discounts on all of Margie's Live Brave events.


Fortunately, it DOESN'T have to be that way.


"The Life Compass Course is the perfect mix of Margie’s in-person workshops and books. It is so easy to listen to her provide guidance about what can be a challenging subject. She knows how to get people thinking about their lives and about taking concrete steps to making changes. I heartily recommend this course. Spending time with Margie can open your eyes to the best life you can lead, even if you haven’t yet let yourself imagine it"

Manya Chylinski, Forbes Writer (Boston, USA)