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If there’s something you genuinely want to say, chances are someone genuinely needs to hear it.

Who is Margie Warrell?

Bestselling author. International speaker. Women's advocate. Mother of Four.

Margie has dedicated her life to helping people make braver decisions and lead more purposeful lives.

From growing up as the big sister of seven on a dairy farm in rural Australia to working in Fortune 500 businesses, Margie has drawn on the challenges she’s faced as well as those she’s taken on to write three best-selling books and become a leading authority on courageous action.

Margie Warrell is an international 
authority on courageous action - 
in business, leadership and life.


Do You Need To Get Something Off Your Chest Yet FEAR Stops You From Speaking Up?

How many times have you festered over something - be it big or small. Do you struggle to say what you want… and miss out on getting what you need?


Are you afraid that if you speak up, you’ll be judged or hurt others?

You’re not alone…

I've learnt the hard way how important it is to have the tough conversations and the price we pay when we don't - in our relationships, our jobs and career and life in general.


So, let me ask you a more important question…

What is it costing you to not speak up about what's weighing you down?


While you people please, someone else is taking your time away from you...


While you bury your head in the sand over your relationship, someone else is taking care of your partner...


While you stay silent at work, someone else is taking your pay rise, your job, your free time...


Everyone is getting what YOU want. Except you.


Your story is unique. So, ask yourself... what are you losing out on by not speaking up?


If you often struggle with getting things off your chest, this course if for you. 

Start an important conversation that has been weighing on your mind

Know exactly what to do when others get angry

Have a conversation that provides a win/win for all parties

State your opinion, without ruffling feathers

Jump into any conversation without fear or anxiety. Just 100% knowing.

And that’s why I’ve created this special mini-program: The 7-Keys To Speaking Up To Get What You Want for only $39.00 $7

Once you’ve learned these 7-Keys, you will be able to...

When you sign up for this limited edition mini-program you’ll walk away with a set of 7-Keys that allow you to resolve conflict better and enjoy more rewarding relationships...less the frustration and resentment that may have been weighing them down. 

You’ll take back your power and grow your confidence.

Your time is precious - so, I’ve made these 7-Keys very quick to learn with seven short videos. They don't just help you learn the skills, but they help you grow the confidence and courage to put those skills into action. These Keys are simple, and even if you only do one… you’ll surprise yourself with the results.

“The quality of your relationships is determined by the quality of the conversations you have” - Margie Warrell

Your relationship with your partner, boss, kids and friends is a direct reflection of the conversations you’re having with them. And those conversations can either create a positive outcome… or they can make you feel like a mouse on a wheel.


The fast track to nowhere. But wait...

Now imagine you 24 hours from now...

Getting things off your chest, without hurting others or making them defensive.


Setting the tone for a hard conversation, while remaining calm and in control.


Bringing out the best in difficult people - not banging your head against a wall.

Imagine that chip on your shoulder starting to lift… and life effortlessly shifting around you, so you can have ANYTHING you want.


Well, you can have this - just by learning the secrets of those who are already doing it!

But most importantly…

You’ll have more loving and productive relationships… and life gets a little sweeter.

Learning to speak up with confidence - about anything - will change your life. 

Please, don’t put yourself through one more moment of anguish. It’s just not worth it.

There’s no need to waste any more time or sanity fretting about how to speak up. You now have ‘7-Keys To Speaking Up’ available to you for a limited time… for only $7.

This is your chance to finally get it all off your chest and become fearless instead of fretting.

You’ll save time, your job… even your relationship. Imagine how many things you can save just by speaking your truth. Many people even save lives by the act of speaking up.

The choice is yours.

If you want to get started, click the "YES" button below, and you can finally have the art of conversation on your side...

…so you can eliminate the anguish and finally get anything you want. Anytime.

Click the "YES" button and let’s get started.

Yes, Just $7


My limited edition mini-program is only $39.00 $7 for a limited time and you’ll walk away with the 7-Keys that will allow you to speak up and enjoy more of what you want and less of what you don't.

A certified master coach, she is passionate about equipping people with the mindset, strategies and skills to find opportunity in adversity and to thrive in relationships, work, leadership and life.

A Forbes columnist, Margie’s insights come from her interviews and conversations with leaders such as Richard Branson as well as her work with leading organisations around the globe, from NASA to the UN Foundation. She has also been a guest lecturer at Columbia and Georgetown Universities and shared her expertise with leading media outlets from CNN to The Today Show.

Margie is Australia’s first Ambassador for Women in Global Business, is a Women’s Economic Forum honoree and an Ambassador for Beyond Blue. She also enjoys sharing adventures with her husband and four untidy teenagers.



"The 7 Keys was just what I needed to get me over a feeling of not ‘having a voice’ and the worry that expressing my concerns and ideas was going to have negative repercussions in my workplace."

"I really enjoyed the 7 Keys To Speaking Up course. It is so easy to get caught up in what you are thinking and feeling and what you want to say and not fully taking into consideration the other person. So it has been very useful for me, especially in my coaching practice, being able to share these strategies with clients."

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