Power Up Your Life! Group Coaching Program for Women

For Women Who Want to Reconnect With Purpose, Passion & Power

Are you feeling stuck in some area of your life but aren’t sure how to get out of your rut? Is there something you’d really like to change but lack clarity, confidence or courage to begin?

Would you value practical strategies and tools to help manage your commitments with less stress, set boundaries with more confidence, get into action and stay in it?

Are you ready to make a real commitment to living a more purposeful and powerful life?

Power Up Your Life!™ is a 4 week women’s group coaching program that will help you get unstuck, rethink what you believe is possible, and step beyond your doubts & fears to create a roadmap for your life that will set you on a new trajectory toward greater fulfillment & success - in your career, health & wellbeing, relationships & life.

Margie, Your Power Up program was extremely helpful to me. I joined the first call feeling really stuck. I finished the last feeling on fire! I can’t tell you the difference it’s made to my life. Truly, a very heartfelt thank you for doing what you do. Kathy T., Virginia Beach

 Dear Margie, I thoroughly enjoyed the 4-week “Power Up your Life” sessions. Your program has proved to be an invaluable experience — I am grateful.  As they say in Norway, “Tussen Takk” — translated to “A Thousand Thank Yous!” – Stephanie Abraham, Virginia - Founder & President www.abrahamllc.com

Power Up Your Life!™ has been designed specifically for women like you who want to stop settling and start living more purposefully and powerfully. Read Margie’s latest article in Forbes Magazine.

The next program will kick off on Monday September 26th from 8-9pm Eastern and run every Monday night until October 17th.
7pm Central|6pm Mountain |5pm Pacific|10am Eastern Australia + 1 |Very late in the UK/Europe!

Can’t make the call one week? Not a problem. All sessions will be recorded and a link will be sent to you the following day so you won’t miss out on the discussion, the content and the infusion of courage!

Run over 4 consecutive weeks, this Group Coaching Program will take you through my Power Up Your Life!™ program specifically designed for women like you. You will learn valuable tools and take away practical ideas on how you can address the issues keeping you from enjoying a greater sense of purpose and success in your daily life.

In between each call you will also receive a 10 minute video message from Margie that recaps the lessons and reinforces your learning. As part of the program you will receive the Power Up Your Life Workbook

If you REGISTER BEFORE Friday September 16th, and you will get free enrollment in Margie’s Find Your Courage eCoaching Program: a 13 week eCoaching program, each with a 10 minute audio recording, that will help you stay in courageous action toward your goals even when our coaching sessions have finished. (Purchased separately, this course costs $147 USD.)

Here is a sample of what you can expect from participating in this program:

  • Clarity about what it is you really want out of life (and just as importantly, what you don’t want!) and an action plan for getting you from where you are now to where you’d like to be (faster than you otherwise would!)
  • How to identify and overcome the fears, doubts & “stories” that are keeping you stuck, procrastinating and settling for less than you want
  • Simple yet proven strategies to better manage your time & commitments -including how to master saying “no” with more grace and less guilt
  • Learn techniques to coach yourself to deal with challenging situations with more calm & less stress.
  • Build your influence at work and your reputation as someone who consistently gets things done – well and on time.
  • Learn they key strategy for maintaining the energy and motivation you need to keep you in action toward achieving the goals that inspire you

Why invest? Because this is your one and only precious life.

Read testimonials from those who say it was one of their best investments ever.  

Simply because it’s your life, you only live it once, and you get out of it what you invest in it!

Margie, Thank you again for this wonderful program! What a great decision it was to be part of it. This has been one of the best investments of time and money that I’ve made in a long time!

From the first day I began applying what I learned and immediately began seeing and feeling positive changes. I’ve not only incorporated new skills and habits but I also feel incredibly inspired and clear about the vision for my life! I’ve begun designing my environment and schedule to ensure the busy-ness and demands of every day life don’t take over and distract me from doing the things I really want and need to do in order to live my best life. In addition to your fabulous coaching skills and strategies I appreciate your warmth, generosity, authenticity and encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity to be part of “Power Up Your Life” and to get to know you and the other ladies. Again, this was one of the best investments of time and money that I’ve made in a long time! – Francie, Marietta, Georgia

Margie has a way with words. A concept expressed under a new light can sometimes instantly “flip-a-switch” and change the course of a lifetime. For me it was her thoughts on Forgiveness being the acceptance that the past cannot be changed.Daria Filip, Toronto

I was always cynical about coaching. More so, whether it would really be helpful to me. But you created an environment that really drew me out of my cynicism and into a new world of thinking, of possibility and action. I have to say, this was probably the most worthwhile time and money I’ve spent in many many years.  Suzie Devonport,  Florida.

Why ”group coaching”?

I know that you are busy. I also appreciate that not everyone can afford to engage their own personal coach. And as a busy mother of four myself, I also know that I don’t have the capacity to work with as many people one-on-one as I would love to. So this program allows me to support women I otherwise might not have the opportunity to help. And besides that, it’s convenient, it’s dynamic and it’s fun!  Participants call into a telephone bridge (so long distance charges may apply) which means:

  1. I can offer you coaching at a significant discount than working with me 1:1
  2. You don’t have to dress up or waste time commuting
  3. You can be in the comfort of your own home or office
  4. You can be anywhere in the world!

How big is the “group”?

The group size will be STRICTLY LIMITED to 12 fabulous women (btw, all women are fabulous! They just don’t all know it.) This will allow for a dynamic and highly interactive learning environment for everyone. Each participant will be coached both directly through their own issues and vicariously through those issues shared by others. You can expect to gain tremendous value from the sharing of others and most people really enjoy the support that comes through a group of like-minded individuals. And as an added bonus, you will also build new friendships with other really cool women.

What happens on each call?

In each one hour session we’ll have a check-in and update, Q&A and resource sharing,  our topic(s) for the week and open coaching.  Each session we will laugh, we will learn and we will have fun! You will also be given a “homework” assignment to do between sessions. But don’t worry, it will be one you will get even more out of than the time you put into it!  How fabulous is that?!

How much?

Your investment in this program – and in your future success and happiness –  is USD $395

How to register?

You can pay online via PayPal or by check. Once you register below you will get an email with details for check payment. But if you have any questions please send an email to my fabulous assistant Val at Valerie@MargieWarrell.com and she will provide you with necessary details including an invoice if needed.

What to expect on registering:

If you participate in this program you will receive:

  1. Welcome Letter – Upon receipt of your registration and payment you will sent a Welcome Letter that outlines what you can expect from me as your coach.
  2. Pre-Program Questionnaire – You will also receive this questionnaire on registration. I ask  that you complete this and return to me via email by August 30. Doing so will help give you more clarity about what you want to get out of the program as well as giving Margie a feel for who you are.
  3. Power Up Your Life eWorkbook – This will be emailed to you a few days prior to our first call.
  4. Telephone Number Details – In the week prior to the first session you will also be emailed details of the telephone bridge line to call into at the scheduled time. As stated above, long distance charges are likely to apply.
  5. Besides the 4 one hour calls, the workbook and the Find Your Courage e-Coaching Program (Valued at $147 on it’s own – ONLY if you register before Friday Sep 16th, 2011), you will also get as much issue specific e-coaching from me during the program as you need to ensure you are moving forward, making solid progress and jumping over whatever hurdles life presents to you along the way.

If you have any more questions, please just flick me an email at margie@margiewarrell.com

What others have said about Margie’s ability to coach them get ‘unstuck’ and achieve greater success (however they define it!):

Margie challenged me to confront my weaknesses. She helped me recognize I have much more control than I was allowing myself to believe. She encouraged me to have tough conversations with my co-workers and my husband–all which had positive impacts. Margie acted as an unbiased listener and a critical listener when necessary forcing me to take ACTION. I look forward to my weekly calls with Margie and with each session I have an action step. I have been successful in moving to a 4 day work week when I thought it would never happen. I am encouraged to confront a difficult or uncomfortable situation much earlier than I would have in the past. My job is to evaluate investments for clients and this investment of time with Margie has been a homerun for me.
Vice President | Investment Management Division | Goldman Sachs & Co, New York

Margie’s integrity is flawless, her demeanor is warm and upbeat, and her prompting/coaching is thoughtful and provocative. I highly recommend her!
Mona Simons | Vice President | American Heart Association

Having Margie coach me provided me with the accountability to move my business, finances and personal relationships forward in the direction I wanted them to go. I couldn’t budge them on my own because of my own obstacle – me! Margie’s great questions, gentle insight and Australian accent made every coaching session more than just productive, each was empowering and fun.
Joan Luke                                     | Regional Sales Coordinator | San Clemente, California

The time I have spent with Margie has given me the opportunity to feel more confident about the decisions I make and the actions I am taking to achieve goals, personal and professional. I am now better at prioritizing, saying no without feeling bad, delegating… In conclusion, these new ways of thinking and looking at things have not only helped me in my work environment, but with family and friends also. I can therefore highly recommend Margie as a coach.
Janet Johnson | Global Alliance Manager, Leading Consulting Firm | Dallas, Texas

Margie helped me evaluate my life goals and get me on the right path to achieving them. Ultimately, this led me to more fulfilling day-to-day living with less stress and more balance between my work and family. It was refreshing to discuss my issues with someone who wants to listen and is so very qualified to help. You can be assured that you will gain tremendous value from having Margie coach you.
Janice Singer | CPA | Coppell Texas

“Thanks a million for the workshop session we had. I got a lot out of it, personally and professionally. Especially feeling more empowered towards issues I’ve been going ’round & round’ in circles with because I just didn’t know how best to deal with them… “
Rhonda James | East Gippsland Shire Council |Victoria, Australia

Margie helped me put things into a different perspective; to not be so emotional. Her coaching assisted me in looking at things from an objective standpoint. She made it very easy for me to be open and I really appreciated her your caring guidance. It was not an easy task but I really appreciated her patience and objectivity. From my experience I believe that Margie is an exceptional coach. She has a gift and I know she will help a lot of people to leader happier lives.
Martha Villareal | Account Executive | Leo Burnett Advertising | Houston, Texas